Universal Clutches offer a range of high quality new clutches from LUKR – the world’s largest clutch supplier. All parts fitted carry a 2 year unlimited mileage guarantee.
Universal Clutches employ qualified technicians to carry out your services, the extensive stripping down of engine and gear box components is carried out by a professional technician and the guarantee is backed by Universal Clutches.
At Universal Clutches we investigate the problem with the clutch as the real fault may be found in the engine or a minor adjustment that is required.
Our technicians will provide a free clutch test to assess the engine and the problem with the clutch. We can then recommend the right solution.

Common Clutch faults are:

  • Drag
    If you are having problems with putting the car into gear, in particular first and reverse gears. The reason for the drag is usually found to be the clutch cable that needs adjustment or sticking plate.
  • Slip
    The vehicle speed will become lower than normal compared with the engine speed. The reason for the slip is usually with the friction plate.
  • Judder
    The vehicle will shudder and vibrate as the vehicle moves away. The reason for the judder is often found to be a warped friction plate or the engine/gearbox mounts are broken.